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    Remodeling a Fixer-Upper


    Is remodeling worth the price and time?

    Remodeling magazine produces an annual “Cost vs. Value Report” that answers just that question. The most important point to remember is that remodeling a home not only improves its livability for you but its “curb appeal” with a potential buyer down the road.

    Most recently, the highest remodeling paybacks have come from updating kitchens and baths, home-office additions and extra amenities in older homes. While home offices are a relatively new remodeling trend, for example, you could expect to recoup 58 percent of the cost of adding a home office, according to the survey.

    · Is there a Tax Break for a Fixer-Upper House if it’s Historical?

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    · What are Building Codes?

    · How do I find a good Contractor?

    · Is Remodeling worth the Price and Time?

    · How do I look for Fixer-Uppers?


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