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    Seabrook Real Estate

    While you are driving around Seabrook you might notice in several different places some interesting statues. These brightly colored Pelican statues began as a small way for the community to establish themselves. Eventually the Pelican project grew and gathered artists
    from all over to help out. These pelicans are located around businesses and have designs on them to help promote the business they are located at. This
    project was designed and created to help bring light on this small community and bring it together.

    The city features an extensive trail system built from crushed granite, which connects most of the cities’ parks, including Robinson and Pine Gully Parks. The trail system traverses habitats for a wide variety of wildlife. In addition to the city being designated as a bird
    sanctuary, the city includes four sites on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. The only other site in the Clear Lake area on this Texas trail is the Armand Bayou Nature Center. Besides bordering the bay, the city encompasses marshes though which runoff from inland
    fields drain to the bay.

    As of 2000, there were 9,443 people, 4,094 households, and 2,386 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,647.5 people per square mile
    (636.3/km²). There were 4,536 housing units at an average density of 791.4 per square mile (305.6/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 88.92% White,
    2.11% African American, 0.51% Native American, 3.31% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 2.76% from other races, and 2.36% from two or more races. Hispanic or
    Latino of any race were 10.77% of the population.