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    5 Fast and Easy Dinner Ideas to Warm You Up!

    Even though Texas doesn’t always get the coldest winters, it’s still known to have its share of chilly days and freezing nights. It’s at those times that we want nothing more than to kick off our shoes, change into sweats/pajamas and crawl under the covers. But before you pull out your blankets and curl up with a hot cup of tea, treat your belly with one of these quick and easy to make dinners.

    Salad Bar Soup

    An easy and healthy way to have a hot dinner on the table in minutes.

    Recipe Here


    Quick and Easy Lasagna

    A Family Favorite in half an hour.

    Recipe Here


    Hurry Up Alfredo

    A creamy classic that will warm your bones.

    Recipe Here

    alfredo e1389121145967 5 Fast and Easy Dinner Ideas to Warm You Up

    Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup

    Bacon…need I say more?

    Recipe Here

    bacon cheddar potato soup

    Sirloin Beef Burgundy Stew

    A “5 Spoon” Dinner in 35 minutes

    Recipe Here

    beef e1389121517275 5 Fast and Easy Dinner Ideas to Warm You Up


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