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Pasadena, Texas is located off State Highway 225 between Houston and Deer Park in southeastern Harris County. Pasadena,TX was founded by John. H Burnett of Galveston, TX in 1893. In 1894 The Houston, La Porte and Northern Railroad was built through this town and opened the area development as a farming community. After the 1900 Hurricane in Galveston, TX Clara Barton of the American Red Cross, purchased 1.5 million strawberry plants for Farmers of the Gulf Coast. Shortly after, Pasadena deemed itself the Strawberry Capital of the Region. By 1920 all of southeast Harris County was known as "Pasadena Acres" By early 1895 A private school was estabilished in Pasadena and became part of the Harrisburg Common School District. The first independent school system of Harris County formed in 1899.

In 1906, Founder of Texaco (Joseph Stephen Cullinan) moved his company to Houston. He purchased nearly 200 acres in nearby Pasadena. There he operated an experimental farm for twenty-years, while he promoted this site and other lands along the ship channel. The sinclair, now known as ARCO, Texaco, and Crown oil companies all built refineries in the area by 1920. In the late 1930's the transition from a farming economy to an industrial occured, when the war in Europe triggered a major increase in the ship-channel industries.

In 1940, Pasadena had a population of 3,436. In 1950, the population grew to nearly 22,483 as the post war boom continued. The growth of population resulted in the founded communities of Red Bluff, Deepwater and Middle Bayou. The site started with 1.7 miles and grew to 58.6 miles withing 87 years. (1893-1980) Pasadena now consisted of 112,560 citizens, growing to 122,805 with 2,147 businesses in 1993 and so on to 141,674  with 3,709  businesses by 2000. 

Most Employment in Pasadena linked to industries of the ship-channel, Bayport Industrial District, and the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. 


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The Bly Team